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News From Liverpool

The City Council’s cabinet member for Education, Cllr Paul Clein has resigned. He liverblgs2quit with a sensational attack on his own leader, Warren Bradley. He accuses the leadership of putting “petty revenge” above the interests of the city. The Liverpool Echo has MORE.

We sayThere’s now civil war inside the ruling council group . But the real casualties are Liverpool’s reputation and the interests of its people.The Council’s culture of in-fighting and petty point-scoring is holding Liverpool back. We need a new form of leadership that puts City above Party. We need a leader chosen by the people of the city, not by a few warring councillors. 

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg told his party’s spring conference in Liverpool he wanted greater local democracy and an end to “politics-as-usual.” Mr Clegg – a supporter of Elected Mayors – said ” we need to start again. From scratch.”

We say: Mr Clegg should start by telling his LibDem colleagues in Liverpool to put

 power back in the hands of the people of the City, and away from its hapless and discredited City Council. Enough’s enough. We need a fresh start.

…are the words used by council veteran Beatrice Fraenkel to decribe the LibDem administration she’s leaving to join the Labour Party.

Cllr Fraenkel said the Council is failing the city and damaging its reputation and the potential for investment. Her defection comes as Labour gears up to take on the LibDems at the local elections in May.

The Audit Commission has come up with yet another damning report. This time Liverpool’s councillors are in the firing line.

The watchdog condemns the way they behave, saying some are too frightened to speak in council meetings.

Members and officials don’t trust each other. And there’s too little long-term planning. The Commission says the way Liverpool is governed is undermining the city’s regeneration. The Daily Post weighs in:

We say: It’s official. This council is a hindrance, not a help, to regenerating Liverpool. The sooner this crowd are swept to one side the better.

It’s official. Liverpool City Council is the worst-run in the country. Poor budget management has sent the city to the bottom of the latest Audit Commission league table (alongside Rutland) with a one-star rating. The watchdog highlights poor leadership and management failures over several years.

The Daily Post describes the rating as “humiliating.”
We say: No amount of spin can disguise this disastrous performance. Poor leadership, infighting and a failure to take tough decisions has made this Council a laughing stock.
Liverpool needs real leadership for real change.

Culture chief Jason Harborow has finally quit his post, taking a £230,000 pay-off with him.

His departure follows the Mathew Street fiasco, and his falling out with the council leadership.

The payment comes as the Council faces a £60m budget deficit. The Liverpool Echo calls it ” a slap in the face” for city taxpayers.