Why an elected mayor?

Why an Elected Mayor?liverblgs2

Local Government in Liverpool is failing the people of our City.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The power to change the way our city works is in the hands of Liverpool people.

From New York to London, from Chicago to Sydney, dynamic Elected Mayors are fighting for their cities and re-building their communities.

These Mayors answer directly to the people they serve. Everyone knows who’s in charge, who to credit and who to blame.

In Liverpool, decision-makers hide behind red tape and a confusing collection of quangos and committees.
Power that should be in the hands of the citizens of Liverpool is carved up between anonymous officers, unelected bureaucrats and part-time politicians.

Major challenges facing us – poverty, the breakdown of community and lack of opportunity – aren’t being addressed.
The dynamism of the business sector is being stymied. Innovative thinking from other cities in the UK, Europe and the US is ignored. Energies that should be devoted to the people of Liverpool are spent on infighting.

An Elected Mayor for Liverpool would bring vision, fresh ideas and real accountability to City leadership.

An Elected Mayor would build on Liverpool’s great traditions of solidarity and community.

An Elected Mayor would champion local business, and support the many voluntary organisations at the heart of City life.

And an Elected Mayor would have to stand or fall by their record in office, and be answerable to the people of Liverpool through the ballot box.