Why Liverpool?

Liverpool is one of the world’s great cities.liverblgs2
Through commerce and culture, effort and talent Liverpool people helped to shape the modern world.

After years of decline and disappointment the city is showing signs of recovery.

In 2008 it will be Europe’s official Capital of Culture. It’s a chance to show the world that Liverpool has changed for the better.

But Liverpool’s leaders could be about to blow this fabulous opportunity. They’ve blown plenty of others already. The “Fourth Grace” scheme, stadium plans for Everton and Liverpool, and the Merseytram have come to nothing.
Investors are being turned away. Business people are disillusioned. Creative people complain they’ve been sidelined ahead of 2008.

Liverpool City Council is racked by infighting and personality clashes. Its citizens can only look on in frustration and embarrassment.

The way Liverpool is run makes it impossible to create the prosperous, inclusive and dynamic city we know it can be.

A modern city needs modern leadership to succeed. Liverpool isn’t getting it. It’s time it did.

It’s time Liverpudlians chose someone to lead Liverpool.